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overall baju
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overall baju

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Tuesday, 2-Oct-2007 08:35
1st Projek not for myself
Selalu jahit manik for myself. Tapi bila pakai baju ke opis ramai lak yg berkenan..Alhamdulillah.. so starting from there ramai lah yg start tempah jahit manik with me. I had this priciple in doing this beading... the combination of beads n baju must blend.. sbb some ppl suka buat manik yg outstanding... yg nampak lari sangat dgn kaler baju dia.. n i like do it in color tone... so this 1st project is for K Norul.. my officemate...as amateur tade lah charge mahal sangat hehe...

saya budak baru belajar, sebarnag komen amat la dipersilakan... ;-)

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