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Monday, 14-Jan-2008 07:19
Project for K Norul
Baju: Kebaya with kain batik sutera
Manik: Tabur Abstract

This kebaya is fantastic!! Terasa macam org dedolu hehehe.. What i meant is, the kebaya is so classic, with the material yg ala ala cam kasa rubia (dunno exactly what type of material haha)..then combined plak ngan batik sutera brown and black...

At first I wanted to do the beadings accordingly the design from the kain...but then, after a few thoughts, i decided to changed it into abstract design. Why? Because, with this nice and beautiful white kebaya, I think its a waste if i made a design that can only match with the original kain...It would be the best if K Norul can match it wiuth others kain...so kire cam untung la kan sket, leh bergaya dgn macam2 jenis kain...

The theme for this design is Bali...I think this is the first time i made a design that really focus on one theme,,,Dunno why Bali, but i want something classy, dramatic and yet elegant. I want the person to look beauty in the whole appearance... It was tough for me to complete this design as i didnt draw or sketch on the fabric..100% based on my imagination hahaha (padan muke hehe)..so when it came to the other side of half kebaya, alamak!!! cemana nak buat? so what i did was tanda a few key point as indicative for me...Phew...lepas ni kene beli la pen to sketch on fabric... ;-)


The whole baju...

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